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There is a story buried deep in Midland folk lore, deeper than any producing zone, farther down than the Wolf camp, way past the Sprayberry, it is a story very seldom told. However most Midlanders know it well and can be coaxed into talking about it. *takes deep breath* here we go…. at one time Midland had not one, but two. Wienerschnitzel locations. One was located at the corner of Illinois and Midkiff, and the other was at Loop 250 and Midland drive. For years these places slung out hot dogs, chili dogs, corn dogs, and burgers. They were both staples during some really lean years, through the late 80’s and into the 90’s they were strongholds and temples built for the continued worship of the All American Hot Dog. Then one sad day, the roasters and chili pots were turned off and unplugged for good. Bye bye Miss American Pie drove my Chevy to the Levy but the Levy was dry. Ok so maybe the music didn’t die, but the hot dog sure did. However on this darkest of days, one small glimmer of hope emerged and it’s from this one mustard seed of faith that we have gotten from that day in 1996 to this day in 2016. Wienerschnitzel left its sign on Loop 250 standing. It has been right here with us, through the long cold days of winter, and the scorching hot days of summer. It has stood tall and always reminded us, that one day Wienerschnitzel will come back. It was right here with us through both of George W. Bush and Barack Obama’s terms. I do feel sorry for all the lone travelers that saw that beacon of hope, exited on Midland drive only to find several restaurants, a few very deep potholes, but no Wienerschnitzel. Well the wait is almost over, I understand that a new Wienerschnitzel is to be built at 5313 W. Loop 250 N. Will Midlanders forgive the past and let them back into our lives? Aren’t we scared they are going to be here 6 months and then take off again? I personally am still hurt that they left in the first place. If it didn’t work in 1996 who thinks it will work in 2016?

New Address – 5313 W. Loop 250 N.

Old Address – 218 N Midkiff Rd